1 N Franklin Suite 3400
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Our goal is to bring together MOSS (a.k.a SharePoint) developers in the Chi-town area together to share experiences and collaborate on some cool SharePoint stuff. If you're the "SharePoint guy" (or "SharePoint gal" as the case may be) then this is the conference for you.

Familiarity with MOSS isn't a pre-requisite to participating in this event, however, we will not be spending much time discussing its out of the box features. We will look at how you can take MOSS's features to the next level and apply them to your projects.

We'd like to keep the schedule flexible and let the participants organize sessions so feel free to go to the Wiki at http://www.mosscamp.net/ and add session ideas.

And if you don't like SharePoint, stop by our "Airing of Grievances" session to voice you issues which we can try to address throughout the event.

Or submit a slide for our "Sharepoint Customization Show and Tell". If you have a cool example of some sharepoint customizations, make a ppt slide with a screenshot and you'll get 3 mins to tell everyone how you did it.

For the latest news check out the MOSSCamp Wiki here: http://www.mosscamp.net and our Twitter feed here: http://twitter.com/MOSSCamp

NOTE: Please register at http://tinyurl.com/2ahf5w

Official Website: http://www.mosscamp.net