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Raised in Israel on Moshav Meor Modi’im, a musical village in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Yehuda (vocals, percussion), Duvid (vocals, guitar), and Yosef (vocals, bass) learned and played music since childhood. Their American parents had come to Israel in 1972 – just in time for the Yom Kippur war. They settled on a Moshav – a similar lifestyle to a kibbutz but with more autonomy and independence for the family – where their children were born and raised.

Eventually, American students traveling in Israel heard them play and befriended the members of the band. Taken not only with the beauty of their music, but the band members’ charismatic stage presence, these young kids from the U.S. went back to the States and raised the money to bring MOSHAV to America for a short college tour in 1998. By 2000, the band had moved to Los Angeles.

In describing the sound of MOSHAV, Aniello states: “MOSHAV is a passionate and daring fusion of Middle Eastern and Classic American Rock music. Their music transports you to the well worn Streets of Jerusalem, but you're not a tourist...you feel and understand every word. It's like the beginning of time and you're in the same place that Jesus and King David walked, except you have your Ipod on full blast and your fist in the air!â€

David concludes, “When we were growing up, the only electrical appliance in the house was a record player. So, while American kids might be growing up watching television and playing video games, we were growing up listening to music.†The music they listened to were the records their parents had brought with them – Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young – and that music, combined with the beat poets they read and embraced continues to influence their songwriting. The particular Moshav that was home to the members of the band had been founded by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, himself a musician, and the young men performed with Rabbi Carlebach as well as on their own.

Embracing styles from hard rock grunge to sensually melodic ballads, Heedoosh is a trailblazing fusion of a brooding, mysterious sound with lyrics that convey both the longing for, and imminence of, redemption.

As its name implies, the music of this new band is something of a revelation. The brainchild of two Israeli Yemenite brothers, Yahav and Yaniv Tsaidi, Heedoosh performs deeply personal, spiritual Jewish rock music that pulls no punches.

The songs are rooted in sacred text and combined with contemporary verses gilded with a true rock edge influenced by Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, Coldplay and Oasis - a mix of hard rock and brit-pop with Hebrew lyrics and Jewish themes. The songs hold fast to their rock roots and their Jewish sources without compromising any integrity on either front.

Heedoosh gained a loyal following in NYC, playing to sell-out crowds at The Knitting Factory, Southpaw and BB King's, before two of its founding members made aliyah in 2008. Heedoosh is now in Israel and ready to conquer the Israeli music scene.

The Groggers
The Groggers are a Jewish pop-punk comedy band based out of NYC. The band formed in early 2010 when singer/guitarist L.E. Staiman recruited temporary musicians Ari Friedman and Chemy Soibelman for a spontaneous video shoot for a quirky little punk anthem called "GET." The video, which covered the issue of withholding a jewish divorce, became an instant success on Youtube and garnered the attention of several prominent bloggers and websites, specifically ones that dealt with this sensitive issue. "I had no idea it was actually going to turn into something" L.E. says "We had this concept for a video and we just went for it, we didn't really think about what it might become". It didn't take long for the realization to set in that a hit song and video was circulating the internet for what was at the time a totally fictitious band.

The only logical thing to do was immediately begin intense rehearsals and writing sessions which is exactly what The Groggers did. "I already had a handful of these funny Jewish songs that were sitting on the back-burner for the longest time, so it made it easy when it came to forming a concept band". With songs like "Mitzvah Night" and "Malka Jihad" (a tune about the downside of fallinng for a Neturei Carta girl) The band is quickly establishing itself as a totally original band with the musical chops and high energy live shows to back it up. The band is currently in the studio recording tracks for their upcoming album "There's No "I" in Cherem" and is planning a U.S. tour for next year.

SOULFARM creates a potent sound that screams originality as it weaves a wide range of influences, like a fine musical tapestry from authentic Jam, Blues and Rock n Roll, with threads of Middle Eastern melodies. Eclectic and soulful, SOULFARM delivers it all! Pulsating percussion, dancing rhythms and gripping guitar leads, that force the listener to not only hear, but to become the music.

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