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Raised in Israel on Moshav Meor Modi'im, a musical village in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Yehuda (vocals, percussion), Duvid (vocals, guitar), and Yosef (vocals, bass) learned and played music since childhood. Their American parents had come to Israel in 1972-- just in time for the Yom Kippur war. They settled on a Moshav -- a similar lifestyle to a kibbutz but with more autonomy and independence for the family -- where their children were born and raised.

Eventually, American students traveling in Israel heard them play and befriended the members of the band. Taken not only with the beauty of their music, but the band members' charismatic stage presence, these young kids from the U.S. went back to the States and raised the money to bring MOSHAV to America for a short college tour in 1998. By 2000, the band had moved to Los Angeles.

In describing the sound of MOSHAV, Aniello states: "MOSHAV is a passionate and daring fusion of Middle Eastern and Classic American Rock music. Their music transports you to the well worn Streets of Jerusalem, but you're not a tourist...you feel and understand every word. It's like the beginning of time and you're in the same place that Jesus and King David walked, except you have your Ipod on full blast and your fist in the air!"

David concludes, "When we were growing up, the only electrical appliance in the house was a record player. So, while American kids might be growing up watching television and playing video games, we were growing up listening to music." The music they listened to were the records their parents had brought with them-- Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young -- and that music, combined with the beat poets they read and embraced continues to influence their songwriting. The particular Moshav that was home to the members of the band had been founded by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, himself a musician, and the young men performed with Rabbi Carlebach as well as on their own.

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