763 Brannan St.
San Francisco, CA, California

Morton Subotnick's Until Spring Revisited is performed by Subotnick and Miguel Frasconi on three laptop computers. The performance is based on the idiosyncratic vocabulary of pulsating and sculpting gestures that the composer has developed during the last 40 years. Subotnick's software interprets the position, speed, and gestural quality of the mouse movement, as well as which keys are pressed and when they are pressed, and translates that information into musical variation and spatial motion. Two large-scale video screens display the hands of the two performers manipulating keyboard and mouse.

At the same time, Sue Costabile, photographer and light artist, improvises a video performance using a laptop, lightpad and digital video camera to build abstract, layered worlds of light and texture out of hand-painted papers, photographs and fabrics.

Asphodel and RML are pleased to present Until Spring Revisited, a full evening-length work of surround sound and projected images that together create an immersive audio and visual experience.

Tickets for Friday April 6th 7:30pm - $20
Tickets for Friday April 6th 10pm - $20

Official Website: http://recombinantmedia.net/events/untilspring/

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