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Hollywood has gone "South" in this funny, fast-paced comedy set against the backdrop of the 1939 screen classic, 'Gone With The Wind.' Movie mogul David O. Selznick has just shut down production on his epic film and locked himself in his office with screenwriter Ben Hecht and director Victor Fleming to rewrite the script. Why? Because there is no script and shooting begins in a week! This hilarious and fascinating behind-the-scenes story of cinematic history comes to life as the three creative forces clash and compromise for five days straight, wrestling over every detail, from the shape of the plantation pillars to Rhett Butler's famous final words to Scarlett O'Hara -- all on a diet of peanuts and bananas. Who knew these three film industry icons would come out of seclusion with a script that would evolve into one of the greatest films ever made? They sure didn't.

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