3981 boul. St. Laurent, suite 615
Montréal, Québec H2W 1Y5

Ruby on Rails is one of the fastest-growing language/frameworks of all time, and is extremely well-suited to rapid, or agile, development practices. Why then, we asked ourselves, is there not a bigger community of RoR developers in Montreal? Where are they all? We decided to create Montreal on Rails to find out.

Montreal on Rails is our invitation to the Montreal Ruby on Rails community to come out and play together. And by that we mean, code & learn together. With MoR, we want to bring some level of cohesion to the local Rails community and provide a fun monthly gathering point where developers can come to exchange with one another. There will be laughs, there will be tears (hey we can be sensitive - don’t judge) and there will be pizza (bring some cash if you want to partake!).

So if you live in (or around Montreal) and are developing in Ruby on Rails (or want to learn) and speak either (or both) of our official languages, then you are formally invited to come out to our events.

Official Website: http://montrealonrails.com

Added by cmercier on September 11, 2008