628 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, California 94117

At Slim's:
333 11th Street
San Francisco, California

Children of the Damned: Iron Maiden tribute
Speak of the Devil: Ozzy era Black Sabbath tribute
Blood Red: Slayer tribute

Showtime: 9:00 PM (Doors: 8:00 PM)
Ticket price: $12/$14
Tickets available on-line at: Virtuous.com, Tickets.com
All Ages 6 and Over

Children of The Damned delivers a rock solid performance that all Maiden fans will enjoy! Building their set around all of the Iron Maiden classics as well as delving into some of their more obscure songs, Children of the Damned pride themselves on sounding as close to their predecessors as possible. The goal of this band is to give people a visual, as well as aural assault on their senses in bringing them back to the hey day of the 80's metal revolution. You'll be hard pressed to find a band to represent the mighty Iron Maiden as well as Children of the Damned. Up the Irons!!

Speak of The Devil was formed in the summer of 2003. With a wide selection of classic Black Sabbath and solo Ozzy Osbourne songs in the set list, featuring greatest hits and deeper album tracks, dead-on vocals and stage antics of Ozzy Osbourne, vintage instruments for the classic Black Sabbath tone, and the heaviest rhythm section this side of Birmingham, Speak of the Devil is unbelievable! Speak of the Devil plays great live concerts wherever true Black Sabbath and Ozzy fans need a dose of “Sweet Leaf”!

Hailing from Sonoma county, Blood Red exists to celebrate the music of Slayer, a band that forever changed the way we approach metal. Featuring Eric Johnsen of melodic gore gods Shitstorm, and Corey Krick and Eli Vogt from the technical/progressive act Nullsake. Blood Red plays mainly Lombardo-era material, and guarantees songs that you haven't heard live in 15+ years. Blood Red annihilates audiences wherever they go, so come down and FACE THE SLAYER if you dare!!

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