2565 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Jason Webley, Corn Mo, Duckmandu, and Geoff Berner, with special guests in each town.

Doors open at 8:00PM. This is a 21+ show.

Tickets: http://12galaxies.inticketing.com/evinfo.php?eventid=17580

Corn Mo (New York, NY)

Corn Mo uses this quirky soundscape to compose mini-anthems, heroic passages and chaotic polkas. If his spiritual father is Freddie Mercury, then his spiritual uncle is Tiny Tim.

Jason Webley (Seattle, WA)

Seattle’s Jason Webley is a consummate performer. He appears like a back alley prophet in layers of baggy clothes, a trench coat and an old porkpie hat; he leaps onto stages, window ledges and bartops, feverishly pumping the bellows of his accordion and stomping out the beat while roaring and whispering in his passionate, gravelly baritone. His music - a mix of gypsy, folk and punk - traverses age and social background, drawing grandparents, children, punks, drunks, and lovers into the fold. He likes to sing about death, carousing, and vegetables.

Duckmandu (Oakland, CA)

Duckmandu (aka Aaron Seeman), accordionist, pianist, and old school punk, does an impressive Jello Biafra imitation, which he will treat you to tonight, as well as familiar songs of other genres that have never occurred to you to be performed on accordion.

Geoff Berner (Vancouver, BC)

It would be tempting to paint Berner as a kind of klezmer rebel, but he maintains that he is working firmly in the true tradition. “When we went to Romania, we found musicians who are masterful, but can also play so loud and passionately that pitch and meter don’t matter. And the words in the songs are full of drinking, politics and sex. That’s my kind of tradition.

Official Website: http://12galaxies.inticketing.com/evinfo.php?eventid=17580

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