2050 Entertainment Cir
Chula Vista, California 91911

take your balls out of their velvet purse and MAN UP for the gypsy thrashcore hurricane of the season. if these dudes could get their hands on one, they would drive a lifted el camino through the bay windows of your parent's living room, get out, polish off the remainder of the 40oz. Country Club, take a piss on the floor, get back in the vehicle, rev up to 90000rpm to clean the headers and then whip some doughnuts on the way out. but they are from israel which isn't really a 'car culture' country, so the weapon of choice is THE POWER OF ЯOCK. monotonix is fixing to destroy your face with a full frontal assault of white hot bogan ferocity.

if this isn't quite your speed, feel free to stay at home on the couch in your snuggie stroking your kitten and crying about your failed life.

Added by username on February 23, 2009

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