2140 Market St.
San Francisco, California 94114

Join monochrom and Laughing Squid for drinks. It’s our last chance to hang out with the monochrom crew before they head back to Vienna.

Official Website: http://laughingsquid.com/monochrom-laughing-squid-drinkup-at-lucky-13/

Added by laughingsquid on September 30, 2008



Yes 2.

BTW, i really like Lucky 13. it's a great dive bar. Cash only but they have an ATM.


I'll be the middle-aged bald guy looking for a cup of coffee and/or mugging Scott Beale for his lenses.


I gave blood today, but I think I'll be well enough tomorrow to resume the consumption of alcoholic beverages.


oooooh...I think I can be there tonight :-)