2565 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110

The Church of Sub-Genius presents:
MONGOLOID-A-PALOOZA a DEVO themed extravaganza!

Saturday, December 8, show starts at 9pm
12 Galaxies, 2565 Mission Street @ 22nd in San Francisco
$10 tickets, 21 and over
Devolving the night away....

Featuring performances by:

Mongoloid - hard core DEVO – perform daring Devolutionary doctrine live on-stage - 2 sets! http://wearemongoloid.com/

Rev. Ivan Stang - founder of The Church of the SubGenius – will Slack yr whirld http://www.subgenius.com/

Dr. Howland Owll (AKA "Dr. Hal") - raconteur extraordinaire – masters your ceremony http://www.askdrhal.com/

Mongolounge - DEVO done Lounge-style - make it swank, swanker, swankest

KROB - Master of the Sonic Realms (as seen at Ask Dr Hal) blombs yr mind-gels in 4-D

DJ Big Daddy - spinning your ears, rocking your socks, save yr wails, raise yr lighters

Weird video from the vaunted vaults of the SubGenius archives
Paintings and artwork of long-time Devo illustrator KRK Ryden - http://www.krkland.com/gallery/index.html

For additional information contact:
Loid Mongoloid 415.672.4533 or [email protected]

About the Show:
Celebrating 10 years of bringing the Devo experience to mutants from
coast to coast, Mongoloid will pull out all the stops for MONGOLOID-A-PALOOZA. The high-energy Devo re-creationists (disdaining the term "tribute band") will get things moving with a set of "hardcore Devo", the perverse and quirky material from Devo's pre-signed days, then rock the house with all your favs from their glorious late 70's performances.

Church of the Subgenius founder, Reverend Ivan Stang flies in from Ohio headquarters to deliver "The Truth about De-evolution".
Drawing from his personal adventures with Devo, the Reverend will dish up the dirt on the Spudboys. He may also mention Bob. ;)

Mongolounge was born from the compulsion to put a new twist on Devo by Mongoloid frontman Loid Mongoloid. The lounge band tweaks the disonant tunes of early Devo and makes them swing with trombones and vibes. Devolution has never had such a velveteen touch.

Dr. Howland Owll (AKA Dr. Hal of the "Ask Dr. Hal Show" and essential SubGenius) serves as our MC for the evening. Witness the most erudite segues seen on stage in the modern era. It is also likely that he will name-check the The Most Ascended Master Dobbs.

DJ Big Daddy (Pirate Cat Radio and Cyclecide) and electronic sonic artist KROB devolve the atmosphere at 12 Galaxies with the help of Sub-Genius veterans and the video from their twisted archives. Your ears will thank the hell out of you.

Background info:
Loid Mongoloid and his company Mongoloid Amalgamated have been
contributing impressive large-scale art, creative hyper-energy, and
his unique personality to organizing memorable events since moving to San Francisco in the early 90's. The moniker Mongoloid is from the title of Devo's song of alienation. Loid is also the man behind the monster of speed metal sesame street band, Cookie Mongoloid and member of Cyclecide Bike Rodeo. Having booked and managed several over-seas tours, Loid plans to take the MONGOLOID-A-PALOOZA show to Japan after a westcoast tour.


Official Website: http://wearemongoloid.com/

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