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Host: Cato Institute. Free markets are unsurpassed in their ability to provide material bounty, but in the aftermath of the economic crisis some ask, are they moral? Jay Richards takes on the critics of capitalism in his new book. He argues that markets, though imperfect, are a natural outgrowth of God’s creation and an important tool for helping the poor and disadvantaged.

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Jill Barraclough

I so wish I could attend there would be a good debate. Here are my thoughts below though, feel free to distribute the article as prescribed below.

Capitalism : The New God


Individual Satisfaction - Father
Exploitation - Son

Purchasing power - Holy Spirit

10 Commandments

* I will make sure I maximise my profits at the cost of everything else
* Individual satisfaction must be 100% satisified even if it means I cheat on my marriage, destroy my childrens lives and end up divorced
* Exploit whoever you can for whatever you can, its survival of the fittest
* You are what you can afford
* Love thy cheap goods even if you don’t know they came from a child sweat shop
* Thou shall not worship false Gods: socialism, communism, et al
* Thou shall be faithful and not lie with another man's wife unless our wife failed to deliver for a few days or I see someone else I want in the street round the corner, like the latest purchase from that tv store down the road I just had to have as it was 50 inches wide not 45 like the one I have already.
* Individual success and power are everything crush all enemies that stand in your way.
* Avoid giving money to charity it is rescuing and people should be responsible for their own problems even if they are not self inflicted or were originally caused by our neoliberal economic and political policies.
* Lend support to wars and support dictators if there is cheap oil or cheap access to valuable resources to be gained as our country has to be the most wealthy and powerful.

New Testament Most Important of all these Commands not love thy neighbour :

Love myself and everyone else can have the breadcrumbs that fall from my table

12 Disciples – Enablers, Message Delivery Systems, Promoters

* World Bank & IMF
* Companies that exploit developing nation producers with low and unfair prices
* Advertisements that promote materialism with irresponsible marketing messages
* Pride
* Greed
* Ego
* Vanity
* Banks that don’t support and help small businesses, yet provide huge overdraft facilities to big organisations who really do not need that support .
* Lenders who throw credit cards at people that they can’t afford to have or use
* Banks that wont lend to people who actually need the money and provide the financial support they are supposed to so these people turn to loan sharks and charge huge profitable fees for bounced Direct Debits and unauthorised overdrafts.
* Politicians with delusions of grandeur that want to control the world
* Judas Iscariot – Enlightened invididuals that try to inform people (whistleblowers)

The Evil One

Devil - Socialism and anything resembling socialist systems

Lord’s Prayer

Our Individual Satisfaction

That art all over the world

Hallowed be thy buy one get one free

Thy autumn sales come, Thy supreme shopping experience be done

On earth as it is in the stores

Forgive us for missing the winter sales and we will forgive the stores for closing on Sundays

Give this day our daily buying

Lead us into cheating, sleeping around and not looking after our children

Let us not be tempted to really care about other people

Deliver us from socialism

For thine be the kingdom, the power and the glory, for as long as we practice this awful economic concept


Note: writers note this is a criticism of capitalism in an attempt to make a few points and is no way shape or form supposed to represent the real bible and the Word of God within it.

Copyright @ Jill Barraclough 2009 Please feel free to circulate this article with the copyright notice, authors name, contact details and Note above included. Writer can be contacted @ [email protected], or [email protected] , or website is www.jillb.me.

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