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Year 2007 was the year of social networks: Facebook alone has over 30 million users. Every day users are inundated with requests for friend connections, event invites, application invitations – and, increasingly, advertising. The frenetic activity in the space suggests profound revenue opportunities, driving substantial investment and large company valuations. But just where that money will come from, and how social networking sites, third-party applications, carriers, VCs and others can take advantage of it, remains a bit of a mystery.

This year’s London Business School technology summit, "Monetizing social networking" seeks to cut through the media hype around the sector, bringing together a mix of entrepreneurs, managers, venture capitalists and academic luminaries to discuss how social networking will evolve from media buzz to booming business.

Specifically, it will look at themes around monetizing social networking, how the sector will grow, what role mobile carriers can play in the space, the impact of social networking application platforms and impact on the retail space.

Come to the LBS Technology Summit, and learn how your business can ride the wave of social networks.

Tickets are only £15 for students and £25 for non-students, and can be purchased from http://lbstechsummit2008.eventbrite.com/

See you there!

Official Website: http://www.londonconnext.com/

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