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Don't miss this MoMoVan!

This month WINBC has joined forces with New Media BC to bring you an evening focused on WEB 2.0 and MOBILE GAMING and ENTERTAINMENT.

The Apple "App Store" has completely shifted the business model for mobile gaming. Suddenly you can sell your product directly to consumers, by-passing the previous market entry barriers. Now Google and Blackberry are going to get into the app store business. Vancouver is right in the middle of it all with its expertise and world class talent in gaming and digital new media giving it a competitive advantage over the rest of the world that has also wised up to this phenomenon.

We have collected some of the players in this mobile gaming and entertainment sector to tell you their stories, share their experiences and most of all, show you some cool products. This is going to be a fun night.

Our guests:

James Sook | Pinchevsky & Co. | www.pinchevsky.com

Our goal is to simplify the scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED or SRED) process for our clients. Our value proposition is simple: Maximize your SR&ED claim and minimize your resource cost.

Kurt Shuster | Noomii | www.noomii.com

"We is the new Me." The old adage that "two heads is better than one" is the basis for Noomii. It is a website that helps you and a friend achieve your big goals in life. In a system called called Pair Coaching, you life coach your friend and your friend life coaches you.

Rochelle Grayson | Work [at] Play | www.workatplay.com

Fornmerly known as the DONAT Group they've been doing developing and innovating social media technologies with companies since 1999. Remember the cool BMW Films with Clive Owen? They developed the interactive strategy for The Hire II. They also did Virtual MTV, the 24/7 extension of MTV's television shows and have worked with the likes of Warner Brothers, NBC, Disney, and Fox Interactive. They are all about the social media experiences that drive transactional revenues, which are NEW revenues, for brands and properties.

Andre Charland | Nitobi | www.nitobi.com

Since 1997, Nitobi (formerly eBusiness Applications) has been providing Enterprise Solutions and web-based software components. With a focus on end-user experience, we're committed to changing the way Rich Internet Applications are built. By empowering developers and end-users with revolutionary user-interface components and technologies, better applications will be built that help users do more with less effort. Our technologies are built for people, plain and simple.

Jean Hebert | MobileMuse | mobilemuse.ca

The Innovation Network that brings together community-based cultural, media and technology champions to deploy sustainable, world-class, mobile content and services. Their current projects include: The Fearless Mobile City (www.fearlesscity.ca) with the residents and artists of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and Whistler True Local MUSE (whistlerportal.com), an initiative that explores mobile technology as a way to enhance the resort experience for both locals and visitors to Whistler.

Alex Beim | Tangible Interaction Design | www.tangibleinteraction.com

They create full-on sensory experiences so that people can interact with in the everyday physical world. They tap into people's basic interest in entertainment, play and exploration. They did the Rogers Picnic & Nokia N95, where by using video shot by participants on a Nokia N95, a collage of small videos was projected in real-time. The did Zygote in Torino and Sensation White in Amsterdam (one of biggest electronic music festivals in the world) where helium filled orbs responds to human touch , changing colour. With the ability to communicate each touch back to a computer program, zygote can also be used to control and manipulate music and video in real time. If you have an event, Tangible can find a way to enhance the experience.

Patrick Payne | QuickMobile | www.quickmobile.com

They develop customizable software solutions that allow you to deliver targeted mobile communications and content quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Maybe they’ll tell us about the cool iPhone application they have developed for the Sundance Film Festival (www.quickmobile.com/sundance) that provides festival goers with exclusive, relevant, and timely festival information.

Sarah Thomson | IUGO Mobile Entertainment | iugome.com

IUGO means “to connect” in Latin and the team is dedicated to exploring multi-media concepts that connect users at the highest level of interactivity. Not only are IUGO the best hired guys in the business, working with major mobile and traditional game publishers on the likes of Tiger Woods 2006 & 2007, Spiderman 2, Gladiator, as well as arcade games like Marble Madness and Snood. They also conceive and develop original and innovative games for next-generation mobile handsets.

Official Website: http://www.momovan.com/events/2009/020209/020909.html

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