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Atlanta, Georgia

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Mommy and Daddy (Brooklyn, NY)


Breakneck dance rock, minimal yet massive-sounding... Duel at Dawn, is their most fun and furious record.

Giant Robot

This NY couple's latest take on dark dance music more closely resembles heavy rock from the '70s than the angular new wave that everyone else is playing. The combination of bitchin' bass guitar and dirty synthesizer is minimalist, but the portions are chunky... The result is a true ass kicker as well as a hell of an ass shaker that will please your inner hessian and hidden disco diva at once.


On gothed-out punk rock anthems like "Franconia Road" and "Pretty Loser," Edmond Hallas channels classic Johnny Lydon PIL freak-outs over hummable hooks. Elsewhere, Vivian Sarratt takes over vocal duties and the spirit of Siouxsie. This one is for fans of that old school, heavy bass-driven darkness like the Fall, Sisters of Mercy, and Curve.

Snowden (Atlanta)


Tora Tora Tora (Atlanta)

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