1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard
Uncasville, Connecticut 6382

Location determined! We'll be meeting at the Dubliner Irish Pub

which is on the second level in the shopping mall area of the casino. The Dubliner is cozy, relatively quiet and is a no smoking area! Yay!!

You will want to park in the Riverview Garage,

as It's the closest. Follow signs to the shopping area and go to the upper level. There's a row of restaurants and bars up there.

Come to the wilds of Connecticut and join us for an all-New England/New York Tweetup at Mohegan Sun Casino! There are plenty of hotels in the area if you want to stay over. We're looking into any special deals that the casino might have going, but generally they are pretty high priced. The local hotels are much more affordable and relatively close by.

As the date approaches, we'll give a specific meetup place at the casino, including the closest parking garage if you are driving down. We'll also have info on bus service. There are lots of buses to and from both Boston and New York.

Bus Lines Marketing dept.: 888-770-0140

Added by joec0914 on December 16, 2008



Carpooling? Poker? Is there Wifi? Do we have a smoke-free area in which to congregate?


I'm all about free drinks and penny slots.

@jeffcutler theres really no "smoke free" area in Mohegan Sun, but the concourse/shops are pretty open so you really dont notice the couple people smoking. I think theres a smoke free casino somewhere, but I've never been to it (and its a pretty hard thing to accomplish given the fact the rest of the building smells like a supermodel's dinner)


I cannot wait! Should be fun! Might bring some newbie twitterers as well!

See you at the Craps table!

The Harriman Team

There is a smoke-free casino which is relatively odor free, but as @mediacrisis said, the whole place can be pretty foul since the vast majority of the building allows smoking. We are fairly regular guests at Mohegan, would you all like us to contact our executive host to see what the best venue for this shindig would be?


I used to work there. If you all want to get together and actually have a conversation, you would need to be there a little early on a Friday to stake out some space in a place like Lucky's Lounge or the Dubliner. Even 'in this economy' the place gets a little crazy on Friday and Saturday nights. Luckily, there are no shows scheduled that night, so it won't be a complete madhouse.

If you want to stay at a decent hotel in the area and don't want to pay for the casino hotel, the courtyard norwich is nearby at $169 and the Springhill down in Groton is about 15 minutes away at $122. (Of course I'm a little biased. ;) )


Carpooling...room pooling??


not sure about free-wi-fi I'll ask my son who works in entertainment if there is any wi-fi on floor. Unfortunately I am not able to make this as I have other plans.


Sounds like fun, I'll probably be there playing poker.

Re: Non-smoking - there is a non-smoking section for table games. The poker room is also entirely non-smoking, though the open entrance lets in tons of smoke from the nearby sections.


Most common areas at the casino are smoke free now (i.e.; hallways, walking areas, etc.) The casino floor is NOT non smoking (apart from the Smoke-Free casino) but the common areas are.

Also; as far as I know - there is no wifi available. I COULD be wrong about that though.