South University at East University
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

MOCHI Reading Series:
How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand

Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
411 West Hall (Ehrlicher Room)

Join us for what should be an interesting discussion.

Everyone is welcome to attend this event. Even if you only read part of the book, please still come, as the discussion should go beyond the material covered in the book, and be applicable to many areas of interest.

Description (From the publisher's web site):
Buildings have often been studies whole in space, but never before have they been studied whole in time. How Buildings Learn is a masterful new synthesis that proposes that buildings adapt best when constantly refined and reshaped by their occupants, and that architects can mature from being artists of space to becoming artists of time. From the connected farmhouses of New England to I.M. Pei's Media Lab, from "satisficing" to "form follows funding," from the evolution of bungalows to the invention of Santa Fe Style, from Low Road military surplus buildings to a High Road English classic like Chatsworth?this is a far-ranging survey of unexplored essential territory. More than any other human artifacts, buildings improve with time?if they're allowed to. How Buildings Learn shows how to work with time rather than against it.

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