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MOBILIZE: GigaOM's Next Generation Mobile Web Conference

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Our past events have sold out early, so register now to join the conversation: http://mobilize-upc.eventbrite.com/

MOBILIZE will explore the advancements driving growth of the mobile web and what they mean for entrepreneurs and their investors. Despite big plans and visions, the promise of the mobile web and a truly untethered Internet hasn’t been realized yet. Now, developments in design, user experience, handset technology, location and wireless network technology are changing everything. The mobile web is about to take off like a rocket.

Join 500 of the most influential, innovative luminaries in the mobile web industry to get a glimpse of the future.


* Rich Miner - Google's Android, Co-founder
* Padmasree Warrior - Cisco, CTO


* Ian Freed - Amazon.com, VP of Amazon Kindle
* John Roese - Nortel Networks, CTO (NEW!)
* Fred Kitson - Motorola, VP of Applications Research (NEW!)
* Russ McGuire - Sprint, VP of Corporate Strategy
* John Forsyth - Symbian Software, VP of Strategy (NEW!)
* Lee Ott - Yahoo!, Global Director of Mobile Search (NEW!)
* Marc Davis - Yahoo!, Chief Scientist of Yahoo! Connected Life
* Matt Murphy - Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Partner on iFund
* Gary Kovas - Adobe, VP and GM, Mobile and Devices (NEW!)
* John Koller - Sony Computer Entertainment America, Director of Hardware Marketing (NEW!)
* Dan Mason - ESPN Mobile Web Global, Sr. Product Manager
* Clint McClellan - Sr. Dir of Market Dev, Health & Life Sciences, Qualcomm (NEW!)
* Rachel Hinman - Adaptive Path, Mobile Design Strategist
* Jason Devitt - Skydeck, CEO
* Ted Morgan - SKYHOOK Wireless, CEO
* Ken Kershner - Dash Navigation, SVP of Engineering (NEW!)
* Scott Richardson - Clearwire, Chief Strategy Officer
* Scott Raney - Redpoint Ventures, Partner
* John SanGiovanni - Zumobi, Co-Founder and VP, Product Design
* Richard Wong - Accel Partners, Partner
* Jeff Belk - ICT 168, Principal
* Rick Segal - JLA Ventures, Partner
* Jake Seid - Lightspeed Venture Partners, Managing Director
* Raven Zachary - The 451 Group, Research Director, Open Source
* Greg Sterling - Sterling Market Intelligence/Local Mobile Search, Analyst
* Ryan Block - Engadget, Editor-at-large
* Michael Copeland - Fortune, Senior Writer (NEW!)
* Ken Fisher - ArsTechnica, Founder and Editor-in-chief (NEW!)
* See all the speakers on the conference schedule - http://events.gigaom.com/mobilize/08/Schedule/?a=upc


* Next Generation Networks, Handsets and Chipsets
* Rethinking Products in the Age of Hyper Connectivity
* The Economics of Mobile Development Platforms
* LTE or WiMAX: Who Does the Future Belong To?
* Mobile Browsers
* Location-based Services
* Emerging Mobile Business and Revenue Patterns
* Mobile Investment Trends


(Update 8.25.08) GigaOM just announced the mobile startups selected to demo onstage at the MOBILIZE LaunchPad. The sheer number of applicants shows the robustness of the mobile application market. Come see the next generation of the mobile web.

The lucky 13 are Fonemesh, Tunewiki, Heysan, Pinch Media, Fonolo, Skyfire, Zecter, LuckyCal, MotionDSP, Cumulux, Placethings, Fusion Garage Project, and Tapulous. All the details are here - http://gigaom.com/2008/08/25/mobilize-launchpad-contestants-announced.


* Entrepreneurs
* Venture Capital Professionals
* Executives
* Product Managers
* Lead Technologists
* Telecom Management
* Journalists


* Revitalize your ideas with cutting edge topics at Mobilize
* Be inspired by mobile success stories
* Network with the key influencers who will help your business
* Build on your business connections and partnerships
* Gain insight from the top investors at venture capital firms
* Meet those innovators who are pushing mobile innovation forward
* Hear relevant, incisive and spirited keynotes from the best in the industry

Official Website: http://events.gigaom.com/mobilize/08/?a=upc

Added by joeywan on August 14, 2008



Are there going to be any pre-parties or meetups? I'm hoping for something the evening of Sept 17.


Hey all!
Please contact me if anyone wants a Mobilize ticket for the Super Saver cost of 495$.

I am unable to go but can meet you in SF tomorrow and handover the ticket.

Please let me know TODAY at [email protected].

Also let me know TODAY so I can send in your name as a change of registration. Today (16TH SEPT 08) is the last day for transferring the reservation.