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Now the web can be a better place for all that is mobile! Let's meet in Paris!

The pitch is about...
All the experts concerned by and interested in Mobile industry all recognize that there is still a long way to walk and achieve mobile industry as matured.

But a lot has been done...
Many start-ups knocked on carriers doors, and sometimes windows. There are many applications at the moment that permit to get videos, m-payments proposal, to search on Internet, to chat, to communicate, to play games...

We must be glad to see how Apple for example is behaving as new starter in this business. The initiatives they took is the sign that there is a road for an Mobile Internet package totally managed by a company which is not purely…mobile!

The web for mobile has its own standard, practices, rules, constraints, gurus. It's now time to push this environment and make it reachable and useful fir end users...they will love it!

The biggest impact of the Web in 10 years time won't necessarily be via a computer screen, your online activity will be mixed with your presence, travels, objects you buy or act with. The Mobile Web is one of the next big things, something that will be far bigger than the "PC web" if you consider how many people in the world have a mobile phone compared to PCs.

In a recent article 10 Future Web Trends, Read/Write Web wrote :
Mobile Web is another Next Big Thing on slow boil. It's already big in parts of Asia and Europe, and it received a kick in the US market this year with the release of Apple's iPhone. This is just the beginning. In 10 years time there will be many more location-aware services available via mobile devices; such as getting personalized shopping offers as you walk through your local mall, or getting map directions while driving your car, or hooking up with your friends on a Friday night. Look for the big Internet companies like Yahoo and Google to become key mobile portals, alongside the mobile operators.
Companies like Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Palm, Blackberry and Microsoft have been active in the Mobile Web for years now, but one of the main issues with Mobile Web has always been usability. The iPhone has a revolutionary UI that makes it easier for users to browse the Web, using zooming, pinching and other methods. Also, as Alex Iskold noted, the iPhone is a strategy that may expand Apple's sphere of influence, from web browsing to social networking and even possibly search.
So even despite the iPhone hype, in the US at least (and probably other countries when it arrives) the iPhone will probably be seen in 10 years time as the breakthrough Mobile Web device.

Tell us more...

The sollicitations are numerous and we have so many ideas.

Ok, let's consider that Mobile web browsing is free or clearly proposed with a transparent and reasonable and periodical billing price (reasonable compared to what people are already paying at home for their computer).

There are many awaiting services that could meet interest for mobile phone users:
1. m-payment
2. Search and localisation
3. Music and all relatives services
4. Videos...the same...MMS like postcards
5. NFC
6. Social networking...live and mobile, not behind any computer late at night!
7. Advertising...useful and adequate marketing
8. Entertainment...for real and not for multi-opportunist multicompany...Gaming, gambling
9. TV, podcast

And you, do you have something to propose?

The concept: "Show me! Show me mobile things!"

Event details

Saturday October 13th, 2007
From 11 AM to 11 PM

Samedi 13 octobre 2007
De 11h à 23h

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/MobileWebCampParis

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