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As personal users and also as professionals we've been observing the emergence of a plethora of mobile devices enabling numerous new functionalities and multimedia capabilities. Wireless and also fixed line service providers are investing billions of dollars into broadband infrastructure. We are currently observing about 60 branded MVNO's (such as Disney Mobile, ESPN Mobile, Helio etc.). Apple has been very successful with its iTunes/iPod line of business, Cingular has launched exclusive Star Wars content to its subscribers, TimeWarner is partnering with SprintNextel and even announced that the company would be open to building out their own wireless network capabilities, Yahoo! and Google are rolling out their services on mobile platforms as well, and sending the snapshot or video of the sunset from your mobile phone to a friend across the globe is just a click of a button today. The combination of rich content with mobile broadband seems to fuel the incumbent as well as the new industry!

The panel discussion will be moderated by Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director with RBC Capital Markets.

* Yahoo!, Holger Luedorf, Senior Director
* SprintNextel, Gregg Cooper, VP Wireless Data Western Region
* T-Mobile, David Gallacher, VP Western Region
* MobiTV, Paul Scanlan, COO
* Disney Mobile, tbd.
* Infospace, Steven Davis, President Mobile & Online Media

Questions addressed at the panel discussion include:

* Is content driving broadband communication or broadband communication driving content?
* Do customers demand rich content services? What type of content? Produced or user generated?
* Where is the money and who receives the revenue?
* How will the service landscape change? Will branded service providers grab significant market share and wireless operators be diminished to be 'a pipe'?
* Mobile TV? Will the 'small screen' be on your mobile phone?


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