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Note: We've moved the November meeting from its normal date to accommodate Dan's travel schedule.

As developers, we bring a certain set of skills, biases and preferences to business.  These act as a double edged sword; we make great business people when we play to our strengths; we fail when we try to be something we're not.

There are sweet-spots in the iPhone market that will sustain, on a continual basis small, developer run, 1-3 person iPhone companies.

This is a talk about identifying those market opportunities.   This talk is about capitalizing on them in a way that plays to our strengths and mitigates our weaknesses.  This talk is about the choices we make when we start our own developer run iPhone businesses.  Topics include:

* Choosing the type of business: are your customers iPhone consumers, companies that need iPhone apps, or other iPhone developers?
* Data-informed app price and product-category strategy.
* Marketing from code.
* Contract wages and the $10,000 problem.

About Dan Grigsby

Dan runs Mobile Orchard, the #1 iPhone development podcast and community site.  As the rare programmer/business type guy, he's as happy running marketing hacks as he is hacking iPhone code.  He's happiest giving talks that incorporate elements of both, so speaking about developer-run iPhone businesses is pretty much the rapture.  Previously, Dan founded/ran startups, including one that was acquired by Microsoft and another that was the only-ever successful competitor to PayPal.

Dan is visiting Portland to teach a two-day Beginning iPhone Development class.

Official Website: http://mobileportland.com

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