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Portland's own Urban Airship recently celebrated some rather big milestones for a company that was started less than a year ago:

* Announced that they have delivered over 100 million push notifications
* Expanded support for push notifications to Android and Blackberry
* Secured $1.1 million in venture capital funding
* Released a new, innovative product, AirMail, at CTIA

Co-founder Scott Kveton will come to Mobile Portland to talk about what Urban Airship is doing and the challenges they've faced. In particular, Scott will talk about:

* Building a company selling pickaxes during a gold rush.
* The challenges of building a cross platform service for mobile.
* How Urban Airship customers are using push notification and in app purchases to increase app loyalty and revenue.
* Why Urban Airship built AirMail, how they hope it helps customers, and what they hope to learn about the app usage as their customers start using the product.

About Scott

Scott brings 12 years of experience building technology, developing business strategy and leading engineering teams with companies like Amazon.com, Rulespace, JanRain and now Urban Airship. Urban Airship builds messaging and content delivery solutions for mobile publishers. Scott was the co-founder of the Open Source Lab helping open source projects like Mozilla, Linux, Apache, Drupal grow into mainstream usage. Scott was an active supporter of open web standards having co-founded the OpenID and Open Web Foundations.

Official Website: http://mobileportland.com

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