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Join us for a special presentation from the Vancouver, B.C. based PhoneGap developers. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about building cross-platform mobile applications.

Want to build device neutral mobile web apps with HTML and JavaScript?

PhoneGap makes building iPhone and Android applications a snap with regular HTML, CSS and JavaScript. XUI is a nifty JavaScript microframework designed for building mobile web applications.

If you're a developer who doesn’t want to take the time and effort to learn the Objective-C programming language to build iPhone or other mobile applications, you’ll discover how to create mobile applications with HTML and JavaScript and still take advantage of native device features, like GSP, accelerometer and local storage, etc.

* Which development options are available for building mobile apps, particularly for the iPhone.
* How to use the open source PhoneGap framework and XUI to build mobile applications in JavaScript and HTML and deploy them to the app store.
* How to create a single codebase that works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Avoid the heresy of Objective-C or Java and return to the sanity of the open web. In this presentation, Brian LeRoux guides you through the creation of a mobile web application that is app store ready, and will discuss future platforms for PhoneGap and XUI.

About Brian LeRoux
Co-creator of XUI and contributor to the open source PhoneGap project, Brian LeRoux believes that the future of the Internet is mobile and will rely on web standards, open source and developers like you. Brian works at Nitobi Software, a leader in user experience and all things JavaScript.

PhoneGap Videos
We've posted a couple of videos about PhoneGap on the Mobile Portland web site for those who want to see more about what PhoneGap provides.

Official Website: http://mobileportland.com

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