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Mobile Tagging: Bridging the Physical World

Mobile Tagging creates a bridge between traditional media and mobile lifestyles by using 2D barcodes which can be read from a mobile phone camera. The potential applications of this are wide-spread and have been successfully used in Japan for years, but there are barriers to adoption in the US.

Despite these barriers, both Microsoft and Google have recently announced plans to utilize 2D barcodes. Businesses are warming to the idea of using these codes to help people get to mobile content quickly. The question is how quickly consumers will warm to the idea.

Asia has traditionally led the way when it comes to mobile technology, and if this continues to hold true, it won't be long before we see mobile tagging spread in the U.S.

Paul Docktor will lead us in a discussion about mobile tagging, how to use them, their potential and the barriers to adoption at this month's Mobile Portland.

About Paul Docktor

Paul is an Enterprise Architect in Intel IT's Strategy, Architecture and Innovation group and is focused on Intel's Online Presence.

Official Website: http://www.mobileportland.com

Added by Lyza Danger Gardner on February 20, 2009



I hate to be so mundane, but should we eat first? I can't concentrate if I'm hungry...


@brian we'll have some snacks and beverages available, but if you want a true dinner, I'd recommend grabbing something before hand. Produce Row, Pho Green, and Taco Del Mar are all within a couple of blocks of the meeting.