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Marketing your iOS/Android/other app is tough. There are lots of app stores, most of them have ultra-specific rules, and it's easy for your app to get lost in the noise created by thousands of competitors. So how do app marketers actually sell apps within this landscape? What marketing techniques work, and what's up with that black hat stuff that gets crappy apps into the top charts? (Note: we promise not to entice you to the dark side during this presentation.)

At this Mobile Portland panel, we'll hear from Portland mobile marketing gurus Elia Freedman, Andy Rosic, and Dave Howell on a panel moderated by Janet Johnson. Discussed:

* Marketing apps on a budget
* Dealing with competition
* Cutting through the noise
* Actual app success stories
* Finer points of popular App Stores (aka Appstores, Marketplaces, and of course "Play")
* Q&A from the crowd

Bring your mobile marketing questions and an appetite for beer!

Added by matthewgifford on June 13, 2012