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Mobile Insecurity

Today mobile devices know where we are, who we talk to, how much money we have in the bank and has access to corporate data, personal photos and other sensitive information.

Data and identity theft due to mobile phone theft and vulnerabilities are rising concerns. However, with both businesses and developers mobile security usually takes a back seat to features, convenience and time-to-market.

Ken Westin, the Founder and CTO of GadgetTrak, will lead a spirited discussion touching on mobile security and privacy.

About Ken
Ken is a creative technologist with 10-years experience in computer security, development, programming, design and marketing. He has developed and managed cutting edge applications and websites for companies including Tektronix, iovation, Centennial Software and both developer and instructor at Pacific University. As founder of GadgetTrak he developed GadgetTrak's original patent-pending solution for removable media theft recovery and leads product management and technology innovation.

Ken holds a B.A. from Lewis & Clark College, an M.S. in Internet Systems Development from the University of Portsmouth and has various certifications.

Official Website: http://mobileportland.com

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