450 Serra Mall (Building 160)
Palo Alto, California 94305

A follow-on unConference to the Mobile Persuasion conference on Friday.

Mobile Persuasion will bring together over 200 innovators, researchers, and companies creating mobile technologies that change people’s beliefs and behaviors. Applications include health, commerce, activism, social networking, advertising, conservation, and mobile gaming. This full-day event will feature expert talks and panels on how mobile technology can change attitudes and behaviors.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/MobilePersuasionCamp

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Note the event is now clearly free and the site includes registered particpants and proposed topics. Come join us!


The map above is somewhat deceptive -- the dot should be more to the left. See http://www.stanford.edu/hpcgi/map/index.pl?q=Wallenberg&sf=a.BLDG_NAME