Stanford University
Palo Alto, California 94309

Mobile Persuasion is for innovators, researchers, and companies creating mobile technologies that change people’s beliefs and behaviors.

Applications include health, commerce, activism, social networking, addiction, advertising, gaming, and environmental conservation.

This full-day event will feature expert presentations and panels on how mobile technology can change attitudes and behaviors. During breaks you can meet other participants or check out the booths and demonstrations.

Official Website:

Added by yush on November 13, 2006



I'm organizing this event, and I believe it will be very, very interesting. Some of the speakers are listed on the web page:

This is the first gathering dedicated to understanding how mobile phones will be platforms for motivating and persuading us. Join us.

But you'll need to sign up soon. Prices are going up, and at some point we'll close registration.


It's sold out (congrats!), but there is space available Saturday for free at Mobile PersuasionCamp, a BarCamp-style event: