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About the Conference

As Mobile technology evolves, tremendous business opportunities will emerge. The growing consensus is that our current cabled, PC-centric computing will soon be replaced by an untethered world of smart phones and tablets providing computing, on the go. The mobile network we all envision will be much more flexible, powerful and easier to use than today's wired Internet, but with the added benefit that people can use it anywhere, anytime, with much greater variety of devices.

* What are the possible Mobile business opportunities in the US, Asia and East Europe?
* Who will pay mobile and big data?
* Why are the large tech companies focused on mobile and cloud computing?
* What are the challenges and solutions of explosive mobile traffic growth?
* What is the Next-Gen of Cloud Platform and how would it interact with Mobile?

Notable Speakers

Steve Cullen, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, SMB and Cloud, Symantec (Keynote)
Jesse Fang, Managing Director, Intel China Lab (Keynote)
Scott Chou, General Partner, Gabriel Venture Partners and Michigan eLab
Timothy Chou, Lecturer of Cloud Computing, Stanford Universit
Damon Grow, CEO and Co-Founder, CrowdMob Inc.
Ivan Lee, CEO and Co-Founder, Loki Studios
Laura Yecies, CEO, SugarSync
Justin Yoshimura, Founder and CEO, 500 Friends
Ravi Rishy-Maharaj, CEO & Founder, Gigsky
Vince Vasquez, CEO and Founder, Cloudbook

What Does this Conference Offer?

This conference provides excellent informative discussions on mobile and cloud computing. It is also a great environment for networking among industry leaders, decision makers, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs from both US and China. It will provide insight to future mobile technology developments and business trends. The panel discussions will focus on business ecosystems in the mobile opportunity, cross border business/marketing strategies, as well as the investment landscape both in US and China.

Official Website: http://www.cina.org/cinacon2012

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