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Broadband everywhere - the mobile opportunity

The current rollout of HSPA is creating new business opportunities that exploit mobile broadband. The huge sales of USB modems reveal an emerging market that is different from pocket broadband on handsets. Mobile broadband is competing with WiFi due to always-connected mobility, ease of access and flat rate data plans. Carriers are developing HSPA and WiMax capabilities, deploying femtocells and partnering to provide xDSL connection to their core networks.

In Europe, the market has already transitioned from one dominated by visionary mobile broadband customers, to a mainstream market dominated by pragmatic customers. In the US, more people are using Web-friendly handsets and consuming more Web content overall, particularly content that lies outside carriers' portals.

Meanwhile industry bodies - in conjunction with a raft of PC OEMs – are creating a new Mobile Broadband logo and branding campaign for wireless broadband in laptops, aiming to educate the public about 'broadband inside'.

MoMo New York presents a discussion on the impacts of mobile broadband on carriers, content providers, laptop manufacturers and infrastructure vendors. We are happy to announce the following distinguished speakers:

- Lubna Dajani, Stratemerge

- Carl Taylor, Director of Applications & Services, Hutchison Whampoa
- Ari Zoldan, CEO, Quantum Networks, LLC
- Robert Samuels, Director, Mobile Products, The New York Times

Official Website: http://www3.mobilemonday.net/mm/newyork/

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Jason Cianchette

I'll be visiting from Boston. Anyone up for grabbing a few beers after the event?