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The concept behind the Mobile Marketing Roundtable is quite simple: gather those who have the most invested in and the most to gain by innovating mobile marketing around a table and talk. Of course, we want the conversation that ensues to be a productive and meaningful experience for everyone present, so we're picking and choosing those we invite so that we have the resources to make our utopian future of mobile marketing a reality.

We're inviting industry movers and shakers who are responsible for agency innovation, publishing, brand management, and mobile technology development. In order to manage the size and quality of the event, the Mobile Marketing Roundtable is currently an invite-only event. If you would like an invitation or are interested in future events, feel free to send us a note at MMR [at] ben-grossman [dot] com.

While you enjoy a tasty (and free) catered lunch, your host, Ben Grossman, will give a mobile marketing industry overview. The overview and discussion will include compelling information about the rise of mobile as an opportunity for marketers and brands, along with a short analysis of available technology in the space (including a first look at and demo of some new technology from our gracious sponsor, Pongr).
Then, the roundtable begins. Guests will have an open floor to float their mobile marketing ideas, apprehensions, and inquiries. However, we're hoping the main discussion topic will be mobile marketing solutions. What do marketers need in order to make our mobile marketing utopias a reality? How can we get there and who needs to be involved? Does the technology we've talked about come close or fit the bill?

If you have a question about the Mobile Marketing Roundtable or Pongr, please feel free to send us a note at MMR [at] ben-grossman [dot] com or give us a call at +1.617.938.3505.

If you are attending the event and would like to meet with Pongr privately, please be in touch. We will be available on the day of the event and/or would be happy to schedule a meeting on a separate occasion.

Added by Ben Grossman on March 18, 2009