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Android is an open source operating system software for cell phones and other small form factor devices. Meet with local developers and power users to swap news and tips, and see project demos.

Topic: Getting an app in the Android Market. I registered as a developer and uploaded an .apk to the market (jan 28). I'll keep statistics on download numbers and share them.

Added by donpdonp on January 21, 2009



another topic: Unit testing in android. in android-sdk/samples/ApiDemos/tests, there is a setup to do unit testing, but i have been unable to create a working project based on those files. My code really needs unit tests


in attendance: @7yler @rubyonlinux @metronome @clouserw @crowmagnumb @issac @manimal @jslabough @syntaxpolice @donpdonp


@jslabaugh is the correct spelling...