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The mobile internet has exploded in recent months due to the release of powerful consumer-focused devices and applications by Apple, Google and RIM. Major hardware and software players are building ecosystems of applications and services around their brand names. Consumers are demanding access to traditional internet brand-name services on the mobile phone while learning about new mobile-only services. Meanwhile carriers are developing their own branded devices to differentiate themselves and they are working to build out their own unique places within device and service ecosystems. All of the major device, service and carrier players are working to determine how new mobile ecosystems can be monetized effectively, and what the size of the opportunity may be.

Key questions include:
How will mobile ecosystems evolve in the coming years?
How will the major mobile internet players differ from traditional internet players?
How will carriers be able to differentiate themselves? What role will they play in the mobile internet ecosystem?
What are the most effective methods for monetizing the mobile internet?

Our panelists with backgrounds in the internet, software, mobile networking, hardware and semiconductor industries represent companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, Nokia, T-Mobile and SAP. Join them in the discussion about where the mass-adopted mobile internet will head in the coming years.

Complimentary appetizers, beer, wine and soft drinks will be served.

$20 Members, $35 Non-Members, $50 at the door or for registrations after June 10th.

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