Alejandro Romero from Yahoo

‘Yahoo! Mobile - Catalyzing the Mobile Industry’

We are witnessing how Internet and mobile blend to deliver users powerful application and a better user experience. The role and the aims of Yahoo! Mobile as a catalyzer of innovation in the new mobile ecosystem are explained within this context and, in particular, the vision on emerging services, applications and content.

Karel de Beule from Kimia

How Harry Potter can lead us to a new mobile Internet experience

For several years now, the mobile Internet has been the promised El
Dorado. So far, however, the uptake of data service has been below
expectations, while ARPU for voice is going down. The moment seems to
have come to turn to the greatest wizard of all times, and get this
mobile WWW thing rocking and rolling.

Angel Romero from AT4 Wireless

‘NFC and new wireless applications for Mobile Communications’

Angel will talk about the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, presenting a summary of its technical features, market trends and application scenarios, among other interesting details, about such a promising technology which will provide mobile phone users, as well as every player within the Mobile Communications Technology ecosystem, with a new dimension of applications and services like contactless transactions, digital content access or connectivity between devices just with a single touch.

Rafael Selma from TB-Solutions

‘Digital Signature on the mobile phone’

An alternative approach to electronic signature as it is known today is to capitalize on the fact that many citizens already possess a device which contains a smartcard and which itself is effectively a personal card reader, the mobile phone. As one of the most widely-owned electronic devices, the mobile phone represents the natural choice for implementation of a socially-inclusive, electronic signature solution for the majority of citizens.

MSSP platform represents a complete solution to manage recognized digital signature on a mobile phone operator infrastructure, providing with mobile signature services including validation and non repudiation services among others.

The platform has been designed taking ETSI 102 204 as reference. It defines the Mobile Signature Service as a Web Service, and so defines all the processes involved in making a digital signature, like the certificate registration process and signature process.

The main characteristics of MSSP platform are:

* Advantages derived from the integration with ASF Signature Framework (multi-CSP support, multi-certificate support, non-repudiation service registration database, etc.).
* Convenience, market penetration and advantages inherent to mobile phones.
* Based on standards which facilitate integration of Service Providers and CSPs (Certification Services Providers).
* Advantages inherent to a Service Oriented Architecture.


One of the key aspects of the Mobile Monday concept is the networking. A networking party will follow the conference where participants will enjoy a glass of wine while sharing experiences about life and work.

* 19h00 Registration and Pre-Networking
* 19h30 Mobile Innovative Services sessions and discussion
* 20h45 Open debate
* 21h00 Cocktail and Networking Party
* 21h30 End

Attendance is free; all you need to do is register to confirm your presence for this event and reserve one of the 99 seats available. Book now to avoid being left out!

Location / Venue:

Mobile Monday Andalucia will be hold this time at the Sala Leonardo da Vinci, in Pabellon de Italia (Isla de la Cartuja) at Avda. Isaac Newton, 4 in Sevilla.

Official Website:

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