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London, England

Hi guys!

Thanks for your patience and support while I've been messing about trying to organise another 'Geeks'.

As most of you know - the scene's been a bit busy of late what with smstextnews 'unlimited' drinks and then Swedish Beers recently... It's proving hard to find a gap in the market!


Anyway -
Decided to go for OCT 25th 2007 for the next event...

All I need is an idea about numbers so I can start looking at venues*... so please RSVP ASAP.

Thank you kindly and hopefully I'll see you there!


*The place we were in before was cool -
But if all of you decide to come then I might need somewhere bigger!

I'm open to suggestions and recommendations too btw.

Official Website:

Added by robevans on September 25, 2007