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Media are changing fast through the vast and diverse nature of content, methods of engagement and how the public perceives it. Television, computers, mobile phones, iPods, and a multitude of yet-to-be invented devices are all positioned in value chains containing diverse content.

This course will give a detailed overview in to the mobile content world. It covers everything from industry trends and terminology such as ‘3G’ and ‘Android’ through to content distribution and rights management. By the end of it you’ll know how to take traditional content and publish it through to customers on their mobile devices.

Who should attend?
Content owners and publishers, and account managers and directors will benefit from this course. It’s also highly relevant to brand owners and marketing managers and directors.

How will I benefit?
Discover how to capitalise on the emerging mobile channel, and understand why various stakeholders in the value chain are relevant for your business. Specifically you’ll be able to determine if and when your organisation should be investing in mobile, and how it fits into a multiplatform content distribution strategy.

What will I learn?
You will acquire a detailed overview of the mobile content world covering everything from industry trends and terminology through to content distribution and rights management. Learn who are the key industry players, how mobile content will change with newcomers on the market such as iPhone and Android, and the trials and tribulations associated with taking content to the mobile market. Through case studies you will learn what constitutes a key mobile content success story, how the mobile industry will evolve and the business models associated with it.

Course Outline

• Introduction to the mobile industry

• What are the key trends in 2008 and 2009?

• How will mobile content distribution change with the new entrants? (i.e. I-phone, Android)

• What is the value chain in the mobile content industry? Who are the key players?

• Trials and tribulations in taking content to the mobile platform

• Case example 1- “Develop and publish for the target market- ABC’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire”

• Case example 2- “Content rights and distribution- Sony Pictures Television’s Afterworld”

• Q&A

Official Website: http://econsultancy.com/training/courses/mobile-content

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