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Update 3/5/08:
We have extended early bird until this Friday. I've also added a discount code "upcomingpeeps" for $25 off.
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The Mobile Communities Unconference is a gathering of strategists, community hosts, device manufacturers, service providers, and content developers to discuss the emerging opportunities and challenges that mobile communities present.

Several factors are driving the importance and relevance of this topic, most notably the fact that the number of mobile handsets in use globally dwarfs the number of personal computers. This fact, combined with the increasing sophistication of mobile devices, increasing speed of data flowing on mobile networks, the increasingly robust web experiences available via mobiles, and the explosion in interest around social networking begs the questions: what impact will mobile have on pc-bound online community experiences? And what are the unique opportunities for mobile-only experiences that transcend voice?

As we have found with our past events, the best source of information on all of these topics is other knowledgeable practitioners.

The Mobile Community Unconference is inspired by the emerging "open space" conference format.

The Sheraton Palo Alto is located just across the street from Stanford, and in the heart of Silicon Valley. There will plenty of parking and WiFi. Lunch and snacks will be provided, and there will also be plenty of time for networking during the breaks.

An extensive Unconference FAQ has been posted here: http://www.forumone.com/unconference_faq

For more event information, or information about sponsorship opportunities contact Bill Johnston.

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Official Website: http://mcu2008.eventbrite.com/

Added by bjohnston on January 17, 2008



Ah. A $200 unconference. The concept has definitely jumped the shark.


@steveportigal: we've had this discussion last year around similar events. Venues don't grow on trees (unless you're meeting in a treehouse, I guess). No-show rates with free unconferences/*Camps make logistics harder, and increase dependence on sponsors. Think "free" as in speech (and format), not just as in beer.


@steveportigal - we are an organization that works primarily with non-profits. If we could afford to host this for free and not be completely beholden to sponsors, we would. We think $150 i- $195s a fair price for a day of great content and networking. We also have a few slots available for non-profits and students.

Trying to be democratic here, and I'm happy to listen to any suggestions you have.

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