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Mobile applications for enterprise users have been available for as long as mobile applications for consumers, and just as there has been a renaissance in the consumer mobile space, there is one emerging for the enterprise user. As powerful mobile devices have become cost effective and widely available, developers are exploring how they can take advantage of location-based services, social networking, messaging, and much more, but in the context of how enterprise users behave and the type of applications they interact with. The question isn't about how to make the enterprise mobile aware, it is how to deliver mobile applications that are much more than downsized versions of the apps that are already in use within the enterprise today.

Panelists: HP, Google, DoubleDutch

Mamoun Abu-Samaha
CTO Wireless and Mobility
Office of Strategy and Technology/ PSG CTO Office
Hewlett Packard

Punit Soni
Punit Soni is the lead Product Manager responsible for Google's Mobile Apps effort. He joined Google in 2007 and since then has launched two products in the News/Books domain, and most recently, Google Buzz for mobile.

Based in San Francisco, Lawrence Coburn is the founder and CEO of DoubleDutch - a white label iPhone application that has been called "Foursquare for the Enterprise." The application is powered by RateItAll, Inc, a venture funded consumer review site that reaches 1.4M shoppers per month.

Lawrence is also an Editor for The Next Web's location blog where he writes about the intersection of geolocation and social media.

Moderator: Jeff Nolan [ http://jeffnolan.com/wp/ ]

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