212 3rd Ave N, Suite 485
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

This month's meeting will be our first code jam. We'll have four teams each creating games in one hour. We'll then spend the rest of the time reviewing and discussing the creations.

Added by dpatterson on September 4, 2007



I'm not going to be able to come until later so I won't be participating in the coding....just the reviewing and testing ;)


I planned on coming, but don't have a team yet. Since I know Tom Anderson, I'd prefer to be on his team.


I haven't done Flash or Flex, so I'll just be watching/learning. I'll have a laptop with VS2005, JDK1.5, and Photoshop - if anyone needs a hand.


I hope it's not too late for me to sign up!


Don't worry if you're note on a team yet, we can finalize teams based on who shows up.


I planned on coming, but my wife has the car and has to stay late at work, hopefully next time. Have fun!