631 W. 2nd Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Miya Masaoka
"Even within the wide-open esthetic of West Coast improv, Miya Masaoka is a maverick." The Vancouver Sun

"An important contender in the international network of multimedia experimental festivals." Los Angeles Times

The genre-defying annual festival from the CalArts Center for Experiments in Art, Information and Technology offers three evenings of new improvised music and multimedia. Opening the fest is Miya Masaoka, the Alpert Award-winning composer, sound artist and koto player whose trailblazing work incorporates natural sources such as the sounds and movements of insects, plant physiology, human brainwaves, and the bodies of exotic dancers. This year’s fest also brings full evening programs from the intense Sicilian composer and improviser Domenico Sciajno, whose practice focuses on the quicksilver interaction between acoustic instrumentation and live processing, and Tokyo-based sound artist Toshi Nakamura, who uses his signature “no-input mixing board” to weave delicate webs of feedback tones and "accidental" sonic textures.

Official Website: http://redcat.org/season/0607/mus/ceait.php

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$18, $14 Students, Alumni with Affinity Card, $12 CalArts Students, Faculty and Staff