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On the frontiers of the Web, boundaries are blurring—developers and designers, advertisers and publishers, software and services, media and technology, TV and PCs, PCs and mobile devices, producers and consumers. The old order is getting a little MIXed up.

MIX is an ongoing conversation between web designers, developers, and business decision makers. We showcase topics and solutions that bridge Microsoft and non-Microsoft perspectives, and emphasize the inclusive and participatory nature of the next web.

It's time for MIX08 . . .

Official Website: http://visitmix.com/

Added by Ritzy on August 10, 2007



The new MIX08 website has been launched at http://visitmix.com/2008. Go there to see what we've already been able to line up for this fantastic conference, and register today.

We look forward to see you there, Ritzy, and everyone else who can attend. It should be another great conference.