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Online Video Storytelling and the Social Experience
The best stories have the social thread built in.
Online video has surpassed traditional text-based online content in becoming one of those most powerful and effective ways to communicate and engage with online audiences on deeper level than ever before. One of the most compelling online video strategies today is storytelling, with the most effective stories creating a social, and sometimes viral, experience that your customers won’t forget.
But there are many factors to consider when it comes to effective storytelling, including how online video storytelling varies from other mediums (such as broadcast), how your business objectives and audience characteristics change the narrative and how to know the video is reaching your audience.
Join our expert panel of video marketers to learn the best practices of online video storytelling. This MITX Video event will cover:
• Successful examples of storytelling with online video
• Emerging rules of effective communication via video, and how these rules intersect with social media
• Storytelling strategies and tactics for
o Monetizing traditional content
o B2B content
o Consumer generated videos
• Understanding how well the video is working in successfully communicating the story

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Added by MITX Jaime on September 8, 2009