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MITX and MassNetComms are joining forces to sponsor one of the most important events of the fall: A lively discussion of the future of openness – openness over the Internet, over wireless systems, and in wireless handsets.

With both the market and the regulatory environment changing rapidly, “openness” is taking on new meanings and heightened importance. Many involved in advertising applications and ad-based services believe open networks and inexpensive broadband access are the key to creating the kinds of markets necessary for innovation to occur. On the other hand, some small applications developers worry about Internet behemoths pushing out up-and-coming applications makers.

For digital marketers, more openness means more applications and services that must be understood in order to effectively apply their media dollars and create a measureable return on investment.

At the same time, wireless carriers are now embracing more open models especially for their 3G networks and future 4G networks. These models will impact marketers and content providers, since they will have an impact on their costs and their ability to access networks.

If you fall anywhere in the digital media spectrum, you'll want to hear this important debate.

Official Website: http://www.mitx.org/events/1553.cfm

Added by MITX Jaime on November 5, 2008