600 University St. Suite 1730
Seattle, Washington 98101

Date & Time : February 2, 2006 - 5:30 p.m.
Team Leader : Steve Johnson

Whether you are looking for financing or not, your business must be well thought out and planned. Plans are flexible but the elements of a successful business must be thoroughly understood and evaluated. A great product idea or technology is a great start, but not enough. You also have to plan a great business.

Join Venture Lab speakers including Bill Valenti and Adrian Smith as they share their knowledge, experience and perspective regarding the essential elements of a well-planned business.

This process will drastically improve your chances for success and minimize your pain along the way. It will also provide you with the material for your written business plan and presentation.

Investors quickly recognize a well-planned business.

Bill Valenti - Executive Vice President - Melodeo

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