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Mitch Easter

On March 14th, noted producer, musician and songwriter Mitch Easter turned loose his first album since Every Dog Has His Day, the final release by his band Let's Active. Dynamico is not only the North Carolina native's first album in nearly two decades, but it's also the first to be credited to his own name. In other words, it is Easter's first true solo project.

Dynamico was a word that Easter spotted in a Cuban restaurant on a handbill advertising dance lessons. The term, with its energetic insinuations, fit the album perfectly. For while Easter hasn't lobbed anything in the marketplace for quite awhile, he never stopped writing and recording new material. Dynamico skims the cream from the top of Easter's bulging tape archive. As a result, in an age where CDs are often frontloaded with a few good tracks and a great deal of filler - or "two hits and ten pieces of junk," as Phil Spector once put it - Easter's CD is rock-solid and startlingly inventive from start to finish.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/mitcheasterband

Added by GorgeousPR on April 17, 2007