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Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned

Each year in June, we look back at some of our past case presenters and other individuals associated with MIT and the Enterprise Forum over the years to catch up and reacquaint ourselves. Most importantly, we look at these CEO's and leading venture capitalists and bankers, all of whom have grown in their business experience and management wisdom, as the sources for our Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned. Over the past ten years of doing this look back on the experience and expertise from successful leaders in the entrepreneurial community, we have had a lot of fun and gathered immeasurable takeaway experiences.

As result, June 14th promises to be a very lively and interactive experience for our speakers and our audience.


- Les Charm, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson
- Ed Kania, Managing Partner and Chairman, Flagship Ventures
- Jack Stewart, Managing Director, Venture Capital Fund of New England
- Gail Goodman, Founder & CEO, Constant Contact
- Eric Giler, Founder and Past CEO/Chairman of Brooktrout Technology
- Moderator: Jack Derby, President, Derby Management

Speaker Profiles: http://www.mitforumcambridge.org/june06.html
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