265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Come sing sea music and chanteys with a room full of maritime enthusiasts, professional and amateur.
Free and open to the public - bring your voice and join in!
(This is a monthly event)

More Info: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NE_ChanteySings/

Official Website: http://boston.zebratickets.com/event/3833/mit-chantey-maritime-sing

Added by zebratickets on December 8, 2006



This is a total blast! No stuffy authenticity Nazis here - any song about the sea, sailors, rivers, a fish... You don't have to be a Real Singer or even know the words. This is totally for fun. If you don't know any sea songs, come get some new ones! And if you have a favorite, bring it along. Remember, shipboard chanteys aren't about sounding pretty - they're work songs, and meant to be LOUD!


This sounds very appealing.