398 12th St
San Francisco, California 94103

The Extra Action Marching Band is a decade-old Bay Area institution formed out of the ashes of the legendary Crash Worship.
Closer to performance art than any traditional music event, this 30+plus brass, percussion and dance act does have an unmatched ability to whip their audience into a frothy mess, and there is no better place to witness this than at their annual bash at San Francisco's venerable leather bar The Eagle. The band, headed by semi-to-non-clad dancers clash with the audience here in a sweaty beer-soaked evening of chaos, the kind of night that has become harder to find in San Francisco over the last few years. A band like The Extra Action Marching Band, in a bar like The Eagle, reminds us why we all moved to the Bay Area in the first place.

Although Jessie spent over a decade playing in bands built from the blood of previous generations in the 70/ 80s punk rock new wave vein, such as San Francisco’s The Vanishing, Autonervous (with Bettina Koster of Malaria!) and the all girl garage goth quartet Subtonix, as well as collaborating with numerous artists like Glass Candy & Hanin Elias (Atari Teenage Riot), it wasn’t until she joined forces with drummer Toby Dammit (The Residents, Iggy Pop) that she truly discovered a unique voice.

Local band Bronze with their drums/electronics set-up bring the mind late 80's early 90' Factory records and the psychedelic techno haze that followed. Soaring over a repetitive base of electronic loops, Rob Spector's vocals are chant-like echoes of Nico's last sighs before wandering off forever. Occasionally hypnotizing: this set should be a engaging warm-up for a special performance evening:

Official Website: http://www.mcmf.org

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