398 12th St
San Francisco, California 94103

No one has ever seen Oakland/San Francisco's Extra Action Marching Band actually march? at least not in a straight line and in the same direction. Instead, the fifteen-to-thirty-five inebriated troubadours ooze, shuffle, loiter, charge, and crawl around embracing their environment and quite frequently their audience. Defying categorization, this mutant lovechild of traditional peripatetic music and ecstatic turmoil consists of a hypnotic drum corps, a heady horn section, and a provocative, uplifting flag squadron that dazzles crowds with their dizzying dances. An Extra Action performance is a bacchanalian, infectiously celebratory, inappropriate, transcendent, freaky spectacle that amuses, arouses, and intoxicates the audience. The flag team alone can stop traffic and often does.


Also with Death of a Party!

Formed in the summer of 2003, the Death of a Party began in the Oakland house party scene and quickly earned a loyal band of followers. With a dark, often dancey, post-punk sound and a manic live show, the Death of a Party has put their own stamp on the musical landscape. The band is fronted by Gareth Lloyd, whose commanding stage presense and propensity for diving into the audience highlights their live show. Adam Beck teases with sparse guitar lines, Alex Restrepo gets the audience moving with melodic bass grooves while Patrick Lynch wails away on the drums. The Death of a Party has played with the Lovemakers, Bloc Party, The Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower, Deerhoof, evening, Scarling, Von Iva, The Mall, Hey Willpower, Black Ice, Vanishing, the Phantom Limbs, and Get Hustle amongst others. A tour with Metric crossed the United States, while brief tours with Boyskout and The Holy Kiss have also stormed into Southern California.

Also with: Sugar & Gold, Hank IV

Official Website: http://www.mcmf.org

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EAMB totally rocks!!! Saw them at 12 Galaxies a year back ... awesome