2500 16th St.
San Francisco, California

This was one of the best films I saw at SF Indiefest:

By interweaving the intricacies of wild rat behavior (and their intimate knowledge of just 60 feet) with the history of an industrial street, the historic ghosts of a lonely corner in San Francisco’s Mission District come to life. Though the landscape seems an industrial, concrete-laden wasteland, the corner’s rich history is vibrant and complex…a microcosm and a springboard into San Francisco’s history.

From punk rock squatters and hidden creeks, to hero workhorses and wild rats, from plagues and earthquakes, to robber barons and Chinese immigrants; the corner intersects, sometimes with ill consequence, at San Francisco’s “development”, and the ever- prevailing battle by nature to exist.

Street guerrilla screening of "Mischief at 16th and Florida"

***************'IT'S FOR THE RATS '*******************

***********screening at 16th and Florida of* ***************
**********"MISCHIEF AT 16TH AND FLORIDA"******************

Ever seen a historical film about a corner in the Mission District? Ever seen it outside on that corner?

Well, here's your chance. It's a once in a lifetime guerilla cinema experience and it's for the rats, man!

When: Saturday May 19th, 8pm...sharp. It's a 30 minute movie (with a 5 minute short or two), We have to start on time...

So 8pm folks!

Where: The corner of 16th and Florida in San Francisco's Mission District. We'll be screening on the side of the SPCA warehouse under the Hamm's walkways...

Who: Workhorses, Punk Rock Squatters, Robber Barons, Immigrants, the Hamm's Brewery and of course Rats!

Why: Because history belongs to everyone, even the rats.

This is a free, outdoor guerrilla screening. Bring a beer, a friend, a dog, some popcorn, a hot toddie, and anything to share with your fellow rat screening squatters.

***No Rats were harmed during the filming of "Mischief at 16th and Florida", in fact you may even see some of the stars that night scurrying about enjoying the show. ****

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/mischiefat16thandflorida

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